Hi! Welcome to Palm Prints! 
I’m Courtney Palmer and Palm Prints is an illustration brand that I established in 2020 in Boston. With travel and plans with loved ones being limited during that time, I started drawing maps of beloved vacation spots as gifts for friends and family. These maps included all of those familiar places with ties to happy memories (like that favorite restaurant by the ocean where annual family trips are kicked off with a cocktail in hand). Soon after I began creating these maps, I started receiving requests from others to illustrate places that were meaningful to them as well - like wedding destinations or maps of the hometown they had recently moved away from. Palm Prints began to grow from there, and I continue to illustrate the places you know & love now!

Where Did the Name "Palm Prints" Come From?
When I decided to create a shop, I asked a friend (thanks, Gabi!) what I should call it, and she (somewhat jokingly) suggested "Palm Prints" as a play on my last name, Palmer. I LOVED it. The word "Palm" simultaneously made me think of familiar things (like a hand print), palm leaves, and my family which made so much sense to me considering I had been drawing familiar family vacation spots! And "Prints" were the original products in my shop.

 I am so grateful that you're here! Take a look around, follow along with my journey on Instagram @palmprintsco, and say hi by sending a note to hello@palm-prints.com!